Close to the sea


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60 and 80 m²


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built-up area
Spacious neighbourhood in Kunigiškiai.
new houses
60 and 80 m2 single apartment houses.
new apartments
Three storey buildings with apartments of various sizes.

“Kunigiškių namai” – A place where Your heart is

A neighbourhood situated as close as 400 meters away from the seaside is perfect for recreation and living. Discover Your home in the shade of Palanga pines – this place is radiating with peace and tranquillity. You will feel close to the sea for the entire year and You will be able to enjoy the pleasures of a resort town in summer.
Active and passive
pastime at the sea.
The neighbourhood is only 5 kilometres away from the centre of Palanga resort
of the settlement.
A public transit stop is close to the neighbourhood. A bicycle path leading to Šventoji through Palanga.
and modern houses.
Modern design, energy efficiency Class A.

A perfect place
for anyone seeking rest and a cosy family home

“Kunigiškių namai” – new neighbourhood beside one of the probably most popular resort in Lithuania – Palanga. 11 single apartment houses and two multi-apartment houses are built in this neighbourhood. Houses in the neighbourhood are situated in a way to allow the necessary personal space for their residents.