Housing in Kunigiškiai is not only a great reason to escape the city but also exceptional investment or business opportunity.

It is a known fact that during summer season, Palanga resort is overcrowded and vacationers actively look for a place to stay. “Kunigiškių namai” is probably a perfect choice due its strategical location, calm surroundings, and convenient communication. That’s why it is worth purchasing a house or an apartment in Kunigiškiai not only for you but also for renting. In this way the investment in real property may gradually become a source of income.

By purchasing housing for renting, you will not have to worry about the maintenance of it – all administration services will provide professional team of “Kunigiškių namai”. We provide full service package: from all-round premises maintenance to search, accommodation and seeing off of guests. You can find the full service package including detailed description of obligations below.

Components of administration services:

  1. preparation of the inventory of objects of common use, notification of residents, supplement and amendment of the inventory;
  2. regular observation by inspecting objects of common use of the house;
  3. registration of detected defects, possible emergency situations and other failures in relevant documents by planning measures for removal thereof;
  4. annual and extraordinary inspections, filling in inspection acts and house technical maintenance registers;
  5. assessment of the condition of the house and determination of compliance with mandatory requirements according to the results of regular observations and inspections;
  6. preparation of annual and long-term repair and other maintenance works and the need for funds, public announcement to the owners;
  7. organization of home owners decision making for performance of repair or reconstruction works;
  8. organization of contract work procurements on the basis of service price and quality criteria, conclusion of repair or reconstruction contracts, maintenance of repair or reconstruction works, control and acceptance of repair works;
  9. calculation of monthly fees for utilities and other services for the common needs of the apartment building, control and accounting of collection and use of such payments;
  10. preparation of heating facilities and other engineering equipment of the building for winter, organization of procurements for maintenance, conclusion of agreement and ensuring the control of performance thereof (unless decided otherwise);
  11. calculation and distribution of monthly fees for the owners of premises, printing and delivering notifications, collection of payments and control thereof, provision of information in notice-board;
  12. organization of maintenance of objects of common use and emergency liquidation, management of accounting of income and expenses of implementation works of mandatory requirements pertaining to the use and maintenance of the structure;
  13. organization of annual and extraordinary meetings of apartment and other premises owners and write-in voting; promotion of establishment of home owner associations and assistance in establishment thereof, summary of performance results, presentation of reports and information to apartment and other premises owners, minutes, storage of meeting (write-in voting) documentation;
  14. installation and maintenance of notice-boards;
  15. preventive work with debtors, preparation of lawsuits and debt recovery under court procedure;
  16. management of accounting of apartment and other premises owners;
  17. cleaning or organization of cleaning of land plot assigned to the building (if assigned by the municipality or privatized), premises of common use (staircases, halls and other premises), management of technical and other documentation of the building;
  18. participation in public discussions concerning changing the purpose of use of premises, accounting and storage of minutes, organization of the work of other commissions;
  19. preparation and issuance of certificates and reports to apartment owners and other institutions;
  20. preparation and posting of documentation, instructions and schemes pertaining to heating facilities and other engineering equipment;
  21. management of accounting related to income and expenses of use (operation) of each building;
  22. civil liability insurance of the administrator;
  23. flag raising during holidays;
  24. client search;
  25. guest accommodation and seeing off;
  26. cleaning and maintenance of premises.