Kunigiškių namai

The quarter of new residential buildings is located in a tranquil part of Palanga Resort – Kunigiškiai. Here the sea is murmuring not far away, and the centre of Lithuania’s probably most popular resort is just approx. 5 kilometres away. Kunigiškiai is an ideal place for a family’s rest and repose and is assuredly suitable for starting a joint life and nurturing a family hearth. Kunigiškių namai is a quarter of five one-apartment residential houses and two recreation-purpose buildings designed by Voverės namai, UAB – Architect Gabrielė Norkutė, Project Manager Vytautas Pocius. Builder of the quarter – Sorensen invest, UAB.

It is a residential quarter of new modern buildings with a well-thought design to achieve maximum comfort for its dwellers and guests. One-apartment houses have two floors, and one can choose between an A-type house with the total area of 60.36 sq. m. and a B-type house with the total area of 77.08 sq. m. The first floor of both types of houses contains premises designated for kitchen, living room, bathroom, porch, and boiler room. The second floor contains two sleeping rooms tailored to family needs. The first floor of the bigger house contains premises prepared for a third sleeping room, whereas the second floor – an extra bathroom.

The level of noise within the premises is accordance with the levels established by applicable legislation, partitioning walls between residential premises being of block/brick masonry. Residential houses are designed in such a way so that the level of noise as far as audibility of people within and near it is concerned would cause no harm to their health and would be in compliance with the comfort requirements raised for the surrounding environment with regard to work, rest, and sleep.

Within the residential houses, rooms are arranged in such a way so that insolation be ensured; all three sleeping rooms have windows installed in the southern side; there are no adjacent buildings that could hinder natural light from entering the premises, and the houses themselves do not hinder natural light from entering other buildings. Buildings on the land plot are arranged and situated in stringent observation of statutory fire-safety requirements with regard to distances to the buildings on the adjacent land plots.

The other two buildings within the quarter are recreational-type three-storeyed buildings, with 5-7 apartments being planned to be set up on each floor. Car parking lots are to be set up next to the buildings, and the buildings are to be fully tailored to meet the needs of the disabled thus ensuring comfortable access and further use by them.

Palanga is a resort of maritime climate, with the average annual temperature here being +7.5 °C. Winters here are always warmer and summers always happen to be more pleasant.

Kunigiškių namai is a cosy shelter for those who are in quest of repose and tranquillity in the bustling summer time, and a true home for those dreaming of a safe suburban environment for growing children.

Gas is used for heating the buildings and for preparation of hot water. Each residential house possesses energy efficiency class A.